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Music and Writing

by jerson, posted 04/19/12 05:43:47

Do you believe that music is a good way to make learning easier? For educators maybe it can help to attract attention of young kids but for teens and adults research papers and custom essays prove that music can be a distraction when they are studying. I personally believe on the study because I have been listening to music when I am studying for the next day's exam or when I am writing my custom essays for school. Instead of focusing, I sort of think of the music and its beat and become out of focused.

Instead of making things faster and more productive, I move slower because I am distracted. One time I almost fail to submit my custom essays on time. I just order essay on-line that is why I had something to submit to my professor. I am sure many music lovers won't agree with what I am saying but the research proves it. Even the classical music does not contribute in making people intelligent like what older studies claim. It actually distracts people from focusing when they are studying. I think the reason why many people are feeling sleepy when they listen to classical music is because their brain is too distracted it grows tired.

Music is best played when you are just enjoying the time without doing anything. I am sure this will definitely help you relax.

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